portrait of simon kubik The approach I have is mainly conceptual but always driven by an intuitive urge of visualization.
I live and work in Vienna, as well working short periods for Creative Agencies in Antwerp, Berlin and Vienna. Infos/Requests/CV per mail:office@simon-kubik.at

Kunsthaus, Wien 2021
AA Collections Gallery, Wien 2021
ArtMonopol, Salzburg Art Weekend, Salzburg 2021
Gegnerhaus, Attersee 2021
Barcelona Contemporary, Barcelona 2021
13th Venice International Art Fair, Venice 2021
LoosenArt Exhibition, Rome 2021
Red Carpet Showroom, Vienna 2020
Seoul Future Conference, Seoul 2019
Art Attech Flex, Vienna 2019
One Mess Gallery, Vienna 2019
Open Gallery, Vilnius 2019
San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco 2019
Artivive Art Space, Vienna 2019
Marie Gallery, Linz 2018
Picture on the Fridge, Vienna 2018
Quartier, Vienna 2017

Pulications, Mentions and press:
Antagonics Magazine, Berlin, Simon Kubik
Singulart, Paris, Article contemporary Aut. Artists?OE1 Campus, ZuKunst mit Simon Kubik
A1Now, Humans & Herbs - Arts Episode
Marie Wuzelgenuss, Paperhelden


a whole new playground

100cm x 80cm, oil on canvas

Serie Pfeiler

3 Jungs und 1 Hund, Ganzen Samstag im Bett, Relevanz, 80cm x 60cm, oil on Canvas

Vorhang Schloss

185cm x 145cm, oil on linen

die Gierigen warten

100cm x 80cm, oil on canvas


100cm x 80cm, oil on canvas, (in commission)

kleine Serie vom Weg

40cm x 30cm, oil on canvas, framed


100cm x 80cm, oil on canvas, (in commission)

Neuronales Geäst, Zustand 1 und 2

86cm x 68cm, oil on linen, part of installation; Neuronales Geäst, painted in Umbria, Italy

Neuronales Geäst

Installation, Gemälde


80cm x 60cm, oil on canvas

Abwesend @ Gegnerhaus

Bild oben: Abwesend 2021 Objekt links unten: Martin Dickinger Objekt rechts: Markus Moser


140cm x 100cm, oil on canvas, (private collection)

to the moon

120cm x 100cm, oil on canvas

Nature is the system, don't fuck the system

The expanding cities are gradually displacing the surrounding nature. Every few kilometres, a piece of parkland is fenced off to fit into the concrete grid. Greenery, more greenery, is the appeal of those who want to stake their claim to nature‘s space. Little trees supported by a frame to help the tree grow in our world. Yet they snatched it away from a system that needed no human help. One wants to master nature in order to then indulge in offering it a place that does not do justice to it.

7 30

120cm x 80cm, oil on canvas


oil on canvas, 120cm x 100cm


oil on canvas, 80cm x 120cm

Meine Meinung

oil on canvas, 140cm x 100cm


oil on canvas, 50cm x 40cm painted in Umbria, Italy

einfach weiter

oil on canvas, 40cm x 30cm


oil on canvas, 40cm x 30cm, (sold)


oil on canvas, 40cm x 30cm, (sold)


oil on canvas, 50cm x 40cm, (sold)

In der Ubahn

oil on canvas, 50cm x 40cm

der Gegenredner wirft mit Bullshit

oil on canvas, 50cm x 40cm, (sold)

Wahn und Unsinn

oil on canvas, 50cm x 40cm, (sold)

danke philip

oil on canvas, 50cm x 40cm, (sold)

Szigeti, a beer for two

A BEER FOR TWO - A BEER TO SHARE in context of activity for Open121, I wrote a concept and claim for the campaign of Szigeti's (Sparkling Wines brand) Beer. The beer, which is filled in a champagne bottle, what makes it a beer intended to be shared in festive manner. A beer for two, a beer to share. Photos courtesy of Open121, not published.

WWJS pitch

Identity Pitch for World Wide Jazz Solutions, production and dj project

EDEN pitch

Pitch for viennese Media production company.

Aerocompact Pitch

in the context of activity for Open121 I pitched them a Logo for the Company Aerocompact. (not realised)

Art Flanerie 2022

Identity for xx Art Flanerie 2022, a visual arts and music festival in Vienna. print and digital

together, AR concept

in the context of activity for Open121 I created an augmented reality magazine page referring to their created sign for building bridges.

Burggasse 24 / Window Design Elements

In 2019, commissioned by Burggasse 24, a well known viennese coffee place and concept store. The goal was to create a well und universal functioning unique system for showcasing fashion products in the store windows. I designed set of 23 metal elements which can be installed in different ways and resemble body parts as well as giving the usual function of a mannequin. Although there is a lot of space for intuitive usage.

Gischt Installation

Exhibition next to the Bundeskanzleramt. Non political-political visual commentary in a wasteplace, consisting of censored political posters of all canditating parties. Original in 2019; One Mess Gallery, 2020, Red Carpet Showroom Altes Landgut, 2021, Kriemhild Cafe Wien

JULS Bandana

Silk Bandana Design for Juls Vienna, a concept jewelry brand. Art Direction together with Georg Buchegger. The idea was to use the technical drawings of the jewelry elements as Ornaments.

Krieg vor Paradies

Oil on canvas, 120cm x 100cm

Schon Wieder

Oil on canvas, 140cm x 100cm


oil on canvas, 72cm x 92cm


Oil on Canvas, 40cm x 100cm + 40cm x 100cm

gerecht werden

Oil, Coal, Acryl, Oilcrayons on Canvas, 100cm x 140cm


Oil crayons on tablecloth

Heile Welt

Oil on Canvas, 100cm x 82cm

figurative oils 2020

Empor (SOLD), Betrauerung oil on canvas 120cm x 100cm (SOLD), Execution oil on canvas 120cm x 140cm, Weiter (SOLD) Oil, Acryl and Coal on Canvas 100cm x 140cm

Geldsucht und Idioten

Oil Crayons, Coal, Acryl, Oil color, Silver paper on Canvas, (sold)

Sinnbild der Last

reinterpreted african sculpture, clay (sold)


golden leaf coated construction plate

Humanismus und Häuslichkeit

As Humanism and domesticity contradicts itself in the sense of exploration, the area of the enlightened arises where the domesticity gains it’s shadow.

Window Objects

Framed Expression

Zwanghaft erneuert 115cm x 75cm, Anbiederung 130cm x 100cm, unangenehm 45cm x 70cm Oil on canvas, unter Verschluss Oil on Canvas 40cm x 60cm


trechter sculpture fountain in rainy Antwerp

Thats not

my participation at Artivives AR Poster Exhibition. Irony with the media.


phoneclip, happy coincidences

SRSLY Logotype

Logo for Producer and Musician SRSLY

Business cards➌

Facharzt Innere Medizin, Ski Athlet, MakeUp Artist

ShopUp Tour 2020

ShopUp a concept store installation touring through Austria, stopping at several iconic locations while featuring famous Austrian brands and designers, with partners such as USM Haller or Mercedes. Art Direction together with Georg Buchegger

Eristoff Wolftracks Video

Video for Eristoff's follow the wolftracks campaign. Creative Direction: Simon Kubik Direction of Photography: Pascal Hein Actor: Anton Huber Set Assistance: Michael Tomaschek Music: Alex Kolodziej

Artivive Walkie Talkie

Augmented Reality poster for Walkie Talkie an Exhibition at the Artivive Art Space in Vienna. Artivive is an Augmented Reality App with easy to use features for creators and users.

Eristoff Wolfhead

Model of a wolf‘s head for Facebook’s new 3D status feature and Eristoff‘s Follow the Wold campaign. The usage for memes as a concept is by PKP BBDO. /in collaboration with PKP BBDO

SkateZar Identity

Logodesign for SkateZar, an online shop and app for trading skateboarding goods and merchandise.


Cotton FairWear T-Shirt limited to 50 pieces. Surgery Patient, referring to my ID-wristband

Ware in Ordnung V

Video Part from the Exhibition Ware in Ordnung to introduce the Ware in Ordnung Tee – limited to 50 Model: Serge Rigvava Creative Direction: Simon Kubik Director of Photography: Pascal Hein Set Assistent: Laurenz Pscheidt

Ware in Ordnung

Video Part from the Exhibition Ware in Ordnung to introduce the Ware in Ordnung Tee – limited to 50 Model: Serge Rigvava Creative Direction: Simon Kubik Director of Photography: Pascal Hein Set Assistent: Laurenz Pscheidt

Concept Poster 2018➍

Captcha, Prunk, die gute Form, Emission


High on Fascism (Sound Pablo Rainer), Maxerl, 9 Monate

VSA Production

Logotype for VSA, a film production company from Vienna.


Concept Poster 2017➌

Lexikon, Mondlandung, Verschmolzen

Branding 2017➍

Steeze Clothing, Undo Music Events, Marc Miserra, Peace Parade